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Disclaimer!! I am NOT a dog groomer. This is just what I do with my dogs!

Poodles and Doodles require a lot of brushing, baths, and professional grooming. Especially if you're keeping their coat longer or they will be getting muddy or wet frequently.

-At Home-

Your pup will need to their first grooming appointment at 4-6 months old, whenever they're full vaccinated. Until they're ready to get groomed, you can make the process easier by brushing out your pup 1-2 times a week.


I recommend focusing on their head, ears, face, feet, backside area, and tail. 

Giving them a bath once a week or every other week and blowdrying them after will also help.


If you have clippers it's a great idea to remove the blade and run it over their whole body so they get used to the feeling.

Tip: Poodles and Doodles mat the easiest from their feet up to their hips and shoulders, belly, and the chest up to their ears so those areas should be the main focus while brushing them out.

-At The Groomers-

Before you take your pup to the groomers, I recommend giving them a really good bath and brushing them out. It saves your groomer a lot of time and saves you some money.

Depending on your pups coat length, type, and your lifestyle, your pup will have to get professionally groomed frequently. Consult your groomer on what they think is best for your pup. 

Most grooming visits for a bath, brushing, ears cleaned, and a face, feet, and fanny trim, will be about $30-$50 and a full grooming will be about $50-$75. If your pup has severe matting it can be $75+.

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