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Important Info - Required to Read


1. Deposit: The waitlist deposit is $150 (originally $300). The deposit will have to be paid through Venmo to reserve your waitlist spot & puppy. For Venmo, you will send a friend request & then I will send the payment request. A puppy is still available to anyone until a deposit is received.


2. The Deposit is non-refundable. If after you pay the deposit, you don't want the puppy anymore or no longer want to be on that specific waitlist, you can move the deposit toward a future litter that's planned within 2 years of the original litter.


3. Final Payment: The final payment must be paid through Venmo at least 5  business days before pick up.

4. The Final Payment is only refundable if: At least 2 hours before the pickup time(or at least 2 hours before whatever time I have to leave home, if you're doing the valet package), you let me know you can't take them anymore for whatever reason, or if after bringing your puppy home, you can't keep them for whatever reason, then I will refund the purchase price of the puppy, minus the deposit.

5. If the pickup day/time needs to be changed due to an emergency, let me know at least  2 hours before the pickup time(or at least 2 hours before whatever time I have to leave home, if you're doing the valet package) and I'll be happy to change the pickup day/time. Boarding fee may apply. 


1. If after paying the deposit and picking out your puppy, I don't hear from you and can't get into contact with you for 2 weeks, I will find another home for the puppy and any payments made so far will be non-refundable. 


2. If when you pick-up your puppy, you do not sign any of the Documents for any reason, I will refuse to give the puppy to you and I'll find another home for the puppy and any payments made so far will be non-refundable.


3. If the Final Payment is not received at least 5 business days before pick up, I will find another home for the pup and any payments made so far will be non-refundable. 


4. I am able at any time, to deny service, not sell you a puppy, not have any further communication, and any payments made so far will be refunded, minus the $150 (originally $300) non-refundable deposit. 

-I will NEVER do this to just anybody!! I've had some people be EXTREMELY 
DIFFICULT, RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, HOSTILE, etc... I just need to weed those people out:) 


5. We do not offer, nor do we allow a flight nanny, transportation, etc... Either you have to pick up your puppy yourself or a close friend/family member. If you have a close friend/family member pick up your puppy then you will need to agree to a contract and I will send the documents to you, you will have to sign them and send me individual photos. When the close friend/family member picks up the puppy they will need to sign the "close friend/family member pickup" contract and I will take photos of all the documents and the papers will be sent home with the close friend/family member. 

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Documents are signed at pick up & paying the deposit automatically agrees to the documents & important info.

Your info is required before/when the final payment is sent.

Contact Us!

We're right outside of Iowa City, Iowa and offer Delivery up to 8hrs away!


    Thanks for submitting!

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