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Whelping Pool

This is where the mama is starting 14 days before her due date, until she's done giving birth.


Whelping Box

This is where the puppies are from birth until 5 weeks.

At 2 weeks they will have pellets instead of fabric to start on potty training.


They will have toys, exposure activities, & be fed puppy mush in a smaller version of the nursery a few times a day.


This is where puppies are for most of the day from 5 to 8 weeks. They're in the playpen when eating and to play a few times a day.


They have toys and exposure activities rotated daily & the crates will have a blanket.



This is where puppies are from 8 weeks until they go home. Weather pending, they'll be in the Play Yard as much as possible.

Play Yard

Weather pending, they'll be outside as much as possible starting at 6 weeks.

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