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"For His dominion is an everlasting dominion,
And His kingdom is from generation to generation.
All the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing;
He does according to His will in the army of heaven
And among the inhabitants of the earth.
No one can restrain His hand
Or say to Him, “What have You done?”
Daniel 4:35 NKJV

The $500 deposit will be applied to the puppy price. Puppies are $1,500-$2,500 depending on colors and markings. Puppies are microchipped for free through Fi-Nano. I will need your full name, address, email, and phone number before pickup for the documents and to register the microchip.

A $350 discount available for an Autistic person/family who's parent or child/children is autistic, or a U.S.A Military individual/family or Veteran/Veteran family.

A $150 discount available for national guard, firefighters, police, etc... Also, special needs, disabilities, teachers, etc...

 A $100 discount is available if you pay the $500 non-refundable deposit on a specific litter before they're born.

A $250 discount is available if you're buying another puppy from me.

A $150 Venmo/PayPal payment is available to you, if you refer us to someone and they buy a puppy.

Proof is required for discounts.

Silas & Ivy's F1b Bernedoodles

Jethro & Marlowe's F1b Aussiedoodles

Jethro & Clover's F1b Bernedoodles

We're a Small In-Home Breeder of Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support quality, F1b Bernedoodles, AKC Poodles, and F1b Aussiedoodles right outside of Iowa City, IA.

I am very blessed and grateful to work from home! So much time is given to the puppies, giving them all the attention, love, and "training" they need to be amazing for their new families!

At Abe's Pups we raise outstanding Bernedoodles, Poodles, and Aussiedoodles regarding health & quality, for a loving family environment, while having puppies easily able to transition into service, therapy, emotional support homes. We accomplish this by doing Handling Exercises, Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, Sensory Activities, Noise Exposure, Early Learning, etc... You can read more in depth about these thing on our "How We Raise Our Puppies" page! We also offer Basic Command Training to all families(go to "Puppy Packages" page)!

Our mission is to provide outstanding puppies(paragraph above) to loving homes and for the puppies to be a huge blessing to their families! We keep our prices fair, and have quite a few discounts(view discounts page) for military, autism, first responders, disabilities, teachers, etc...

Why choose us for your new family member?

5 Years of Breeding Experience
Lifetime Breeder Support
Parents Health Tested Through Embark
Raised on The Badass Breeder Curriculum
Raised on Early Neurological Stimulation(ENS) and Early Scent Introduction(ESI)
 Small In-Home and Family Centered Breeder to Ensure the Fullest Extent of Care and Attention to Parents and Puppies

Multiple Pups Have Become Service, therapy, and emotional support Dogs        

Discounts for First Responders, Autism, Teachers, Disabilities, Special Needs, etc...
Puppies stay with us until 10 weeks!! In these extra 2 weeks with us, the puppies learn some very important things from their mama including discipline. They also learn so much with potty training, kennel training, and how to act around other dogs besides their mama. Our goal is for puppies to go home with a very minimal adjustment period and to have potty/kennel training down within the first week!!

We prioritize safe, healthy, and loving environments for your future fur baby. This ensures the pups and the parents are taken care of to the fullest extent. The parents are our family dogs, and the pups have little hands around them from day one.

We always consult with our vet to ensure the parents are healthy and good to continue breeding. Our girls are always either in the house or outside with acres to run around, play with each other, and explore!

All pups come with a strict 12 month Spay/Neuter Contract. AKC Poodles may come with Full Registration(Breeding Rights) to approved In-Home Small Breeding Programs. Contact us and you'll be sent a handful of questions about your program and you'll be approved or denied within 48hrs. If approved, Breeding Rights will be an additional $1,000-$2,000 depending on the puppy.
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Clover is a Traditional Tri-Color, Mini F1 Bernedoodle, and is about 35lbs.


Ivy is a Red Abstract, Medium Poodle. She is about 40lbs.

Marlowe-Coming Soon

Marlowe is in a guardian home with a family member & she's a Brown, Medium F1 Aussiedoodle. She is about 45/50lbs. More accurate weight and photos coming soon.

She is a future mama to F1b Aussiedoodles with Jethro as the father.

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Silas is in a guardian home with a family member & he's a Sable Tri-Color, Medium F1 Bernedoodle, and he is about 45lbs.


Jethro is a Tri-Color, Black and Red, Phantom, Standard Poodle, and he is about 50lbs.


Rose is a Standard, Black Parti Poodle, and is about 55lbs.

Rose is very tall and she has large ears and large paws. She is the sweetest, calmest dog you will ever meet, and she loves to play and cuddle. She is an amazing mother, always caring for her babies and loves it when her Baby Marvin comes over to play. Rose loves to help out her sisters with all their babies!


"Your righteousness is like the great mountains; Your judgments are a great deep; O Lord, You preserve man and beast." NKJV

Lily had 1 litter in 2021 with Silas & she was an amazing mother to 12 puppies. Lily was truly amazing, loved so deeply, and was the best fishing buddy. She sadly passed away unexpectedly in 2022.


Included with every puppy

  • 3 Days of food
  • Blanket with the scent of litter and mother
  • Toys
  • Bone
  • Leash
  • Collar
  • First vet examination
  • 1-Year Health Guarantee
  • The puppy will be dewormed 2-3 times depending on when they go home
  • The first round of vaccinations

Puppy boarding $15 a day for up to 21 days

  • Boarding starts when puppies turn 11 weeks old. If you do the Basic Command Training and would like for me to continue while boarding your puppy it will be an additional $10 a day.

Early Neurological Stimulation(ENS) Exercises

By Dr. Carman Battaglia and copied from The Badass Breeder Guide

Early Scent Introduction(ESI)

By Dr. Gayle Watkins and copied from The Badass Breeder Guide

Kennel Training

Handling Exercises

Novelty Item Exposure Activities

Curriculum Exposure Activities

Sound Exposure

Country Living

Disclaimer!! I am NOT a dog groomer. This is just what I do with my dogs!

Poodles and Doodles require a lot of brushing, baths, and professional grooming. Especially if you're keeping their coat longer or they will be getting muddy or wet frequently.

-At Home-

Your pup will need to their first grooming appointment at 4-6 months old, whenever they're full vaccinated. Until they're ready to get groomed, you can make the process easier by brushing out your pup 1-2 times a week. I recommend focusing on their head, ears, face, feet, backside area, and tail. 

Giving them a bath once a week or every other week and blowdrying them after will also help. If you have clippers it's a great idea to remove the blade and run it over their whole body so they get used to the feeling.

Tip: Poodles and Doodles mat the easiest from their feet up to their hips and shoulders, belly, and the chest up to their ears so those areas should be the main focus while brushing them out.

-At The Groomers-

Before you take your pup to the groomers, I recommend giving them a really good bath and brushing them out. It saves your groomer a lot of time and saves you some money.

Depending on your pups coat length, type, and your lifestyle, your pup will have to get professional groomed at least every 8-10 weeks. Consult your groomer on what they think is best for your pup. 

Most grooming visits for a bath, brushing, ears cleaned, and a face, feet, and fanny trim, will be about $30-$50 and a full grooming will be about $50-$75. If your pup has severe matting it can be $75+.

My favorite grooming products are on the "Products" page!

-Breeding & Pregnancy-

Day 1: After breeding has happened, I will let everyone on the waitlist know what the Mama's due date is.

Week 4-6: I will let everyone know whether I believe the Mama is pregnant or not.

-Birth to week 2-

Day 1: I will let everyone know how many puppies were born.

Day 3: I will post "normal" photos and videos of puppies on my Facebook page and a video of me doing ENS & ESI with them.

Day 4-Week 2: I will randomly post photos and videos of them at least 2 times a week.

-Week 2 to 8-

Week 2:  When the puppies are 2 weeks old, I give each person on the waitlist 12 hours to choose their puppy. After the 12 hours is up for each person I will post any remaining puppies looking for their homes.

-Everyone picks out their puppy by photos and videos that I have posted on Instagram & Facebook . I will also take more photos and videos and post them if you would like. 

Weeks 3-7: I post photos, videos, and approximate weight on Instagram & Facebook.

Week 5: I confirm with everyone if they want their puppy trained(Basic Command & Kennel) or not.

I will contact everyone about 1 week before their agreed upon pickup dates, to confirm the location, date, and time. 

When you pick up your puppy you will have to sign all of the documents on the Documents Page.

- I "reserve" their entire week 8-11 weeks for free pick-up(no boarding fees).

Pick-up Documents

Deposit Receipt, Packages Bill of Sale, Bill of Sale, Spay/Neuter Contract. 1-Year Health Guarantee.

Learn More

Important Information

Learn More
Option 1: After the litter is born you can make weekly payments of at least $250 until 8 weeks.

Option 2: Before a litter is born you can make payments whenever is convenient to you as long as each payment is at least $50.

The Final Payment is due at least 5 business-days before the pickup date.
The payment plan is only for the price of the puppy, minus the $500 deposit. It does not apply to any Puppy Packages.

I'm currently working on the Puppy Payment Plan Contract.
Our dog breeding journey started when my parents brought Mabel(Bernese Mountain Dog) home in 2017. It was love at first sight and she can always make you laugh no matter the mood you're in!! After Mabel, they wanted something smaller and lower shedding so, they brought home Silas (F1 Bernedoodle) in 2018 and fell in love with the Poodle & Bernese mix and we decided to start breeding F1b Bernedoodles!

Between 2018 and 2020, we bred my parents Golden Retriever and German Shephard to gain knowledge and experience while waiting for our pups to be old enough. Our first litter after starting Abe's Pups, was born in March of 2020.

 Arlo is 40 pounds at just over 7 months. He is very tall. He is very laid back and such a good dog. He's fun and goofy. His fur is super soft. We get a lot of compliments about how cute he is. 

Anne P
Anne PRose's Spring 2020 Litter

 I got my (not so little) Marvy boy from Abe's Pup's and he is the absolute sweetest. You can tell the family puts so much love into each litter. They treat the mammas amazing, play classical music for the babies, and keep a very clean facility. 12/10 would recommend! 

Sydnie HRose's Spring 2020 Litter

 Abe’s pups are amazing. They are very communicative, organized, and loving of their pups. We just recently bought a mini bernedoodle from them and we could not have asked for a better experience. They made the transition home for our puppy so easy. 5/5 recommend!! 

Katie MLily's Winter 2022 Litter

 We have had such an amazing experience with Abes Pups. We started with one “ Murphy “ and he is so dreamy we had to have another guy “ Mack “. They make our household complete. Our daughter has two of their girls Meeka & Molly. They are all beautiful with personality plus. If you are looking for the perfect family pup here’s where to find them. Hanna is such a pleasure to deal with! We love Abes Pups and you will too! Thanks Abes Pups, we love you and our pups! 

Charlee & BrandyRose Fall 2020 & Summer 2021 Litters

 We got Arlo from here almost 2 years ago now. He is an F1B mini bernedoodle. We had a great experience with Abe's pups. They were great at updating photos and asking us what we wanted in a puppy to help us choose the right one. They have very few litters they so can really spend a lot of time with the puppies and started training for us. Arlo was potty trained within a week due to them starting training. You can tell they truly care about their dogs. They even sent Arlo home with a family photo with his mom and dad. I cannot recommend a better place to get a dog. 

Anne PRose Spring 2020 Litter

 We were looking for a Bernedoodle breed for our first family dog. Abe's Pups was so wonderful to work with and provided us with a wonderful dog. They answered all of our questions, made the process very easy and you can tell they really love their puppies. Rosie is our puppy and she is a wonderful addition to our family!! 

Tiffany SLily Winter 2021 Litter

 Joey girl came into my life almost 4 months ago, and now, I can't imagine life without her. Joey is a goofy, loving, cuddly pup who has brought so much happiness into my boyfriends and I’s lives. Picking her up at 8.5 weeks, Abes Pups had already gotten her accustomed to her name and she was already responding to basic tricks like sit and stay. While the first couple of days with any new puppy aren’t easy, Joey’s calm demeanor and obvious intelligence made our transition almost seamless. Joey was potty trained by the 2nd/3rd week we got her and was a pro at walking on the leash in the big city. Coming from a quiet area in Iowa City, I was worried the loud sounds of Chicago’s city would scare her but she did not seem one bit phased. Joey loves anyone and anything that will give her love and attention and to say she turns all the heads on the street is an understatement. It’s rare that I take her on a walk without being stopped at least 2 times to ask what her breed is and where I got her. Abes Pups made this process so easy and their constant updates throughout her first months made us feel like we knew her before we even got her. I am so thankful I found Abes Pups! Adding Joey to my family was the best decision I have made in a long time. 

Stephanie S
Stephanie SRose's Spring 2020 Litter

 Breeding puppies is a labor of love for Hannah. She takes excellent care of her dogs, practices responsible breeding, provides a sensory-rich environment for the pups, & makes sure they are socialized and ready to go to good homes. Hannah is organized and communicates frequently with messages, emails, pictures, & videoclips. She answered all my questions & set me at ease from the get-go. My girl, Quinn, is almost 5 months old now. She's beautiful, friendly, healthy, smart, and a perfect companion! Thank you, Abe's Pups! 😊 

Shirley PLily's Winter 2021 Litter



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Coming Soon!!

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De-Mat Shampoo

Deodor-Izing Shampoo

Oat-Meal Conditioner

Hose Attachment for Baths

Grooming Scissors

Potty Cleaner

Girl's Toys

Boy's Toys

Tangle Spray

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Superstar Service Dogs


We recommend Superstar Service Dogs in Mt Vernon, Iowa. We've had a couple pups get training with them after going home to their family and they've done great!

Fedeler Doodles-Iowa


We highly recommend Fedeler Doodles! They have Bernedoodles that are about 50-70lbs and about 15-30lbs.

Faithful Pups-Oklahoma


We highly recommend Faithful Pups! They have F1b Goldendoodles that are about 30-40lbs.

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